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As part of our fundraising efforts , the Madison Herb Society members create a variety of herbal products to sell at our Annual Herb Fair each November at Olbrich Botanical Garden, and at the Garden Expo each February at the Alliant Energy Center.

Some of our dry-good products include: Wisconsin Herb Blend - our most popular herb blend; custom blended herbal teas; soup and chili mixes; muffin, bread, cake and scone mixes; salad dressing mixes; pretzel mix, and much more.


Madison Herb Society Cookbooks

In 2015, we introduced our "Sage Advice" cookbook! Pick up your copy of any of our cookbooks at the Herb Fair or Garden Expo.

In 2013, we introduced our "A Bounty of Basil" cookbook.

In 2011 we introduced our "A Medley of Mint" cookbook. This new cookbook reflects all of the popular varieties of mint, as well as presents some green cleaning ideas using mint and other herbs.

In 2009, we introduced our "Bay Laurel Cookcook" at the 2009 Herb Fair.

In 2008, we introduced our "Scented Geraniums and Edible Flowers Cookbook" at the 2008 Herb Fair.

At our 2007 Herb Fair, we introduced our, "Savoring the Herbal Flavors of Provence," cookbook and reintroduced our updated lavender cookbook, "Lavender in Your Kitchen and Throughout Your Home."

To purchase these, or any of our other cookbooks, visit us at the Herb Faire or Garden Expo. Our cookbooks make wonderful gifts for the cooks or gardeners in your life, as well as a gift just for yourself!

Sage Cookbook Cover

Sage Advice
A 68-page cookbooklet focusing on Sage - it's more than just a Thanksgiving herb! Salvia officinalis is the botanical name for common sage, a plant or shrub that belongs to the genus Salvia, of the Mint family (Lamiaceae). There are more than 800 types of Salvias, including culinary, medicinal, and decorative varieties, although not all Salvias are culinary “sage” plants.

Sample Recipe - Sage Apple Cake

Basil Cookbook Cover
A Bounty of Basil
Basil captures the essenc of long summer days filled with sunshine. It's distinctive, spicy fragrance is unmistakeable. This updated 76-page cookbook, focusing on a variety of Basil types, provides an overview of growing and cooking with this delicious herb.

Sample Recipe - Tomato Pesto Tart

Mint Cookbook Cover

A Medley of Mint
A brand new 60-page cookbook focusing on various ways to use mint in your cooking, cleaning and in cosmetics. Mint is an ancient culinary herb that has been gathered in the wild and cultivated since Neolithic times. The mint family is a large group consisting of some 600 varieties, and is very popular throughout the world. It has been used for medicinal purposes for over 3,000 years!

Sample Recipe - Lemon Mint Chicken

Bay Laurel Cookbook Cover

Bay Laurel Cookbook
The Bay Laurel cookbook gives some of the history, growing conditions, and culinary uses of this attractive and tasty herbal plant. The book includes sections on soups, breads, entrees, desserts and more. It contains recipes using both fresh and dried bay, plus some non-culinary ideas.

Sample Recipe - Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Scented Geraniums and Edible Flowers Cookbook cover

Scented Geraniums and Edible Flowers Cookbook
A 72-page booklet featuring information on the culinary uses of scented geraniums and edible flowers. From appetizers, soups and desserts to main dishes and salads, this cookbook features a number of different ways to add scented geraniums and edible flowers to your culinary journey. Some of the featured recipes include: Violet Jam, Jamaican Hibiscus Margarita, Old Time Lavender and Black Walnut Cream Cheese Tea Bread, Herb and Flower Salad, Golden  Marigold Soup, Orange Geranium Chicken, Floral Confetti Jasmine Rice, and Lavender Fudge.

Sample Recipe - Sunset Noodles

Savouring the Flavors of Provence

Savoring the Herbal Flavors of Provence
Herbs reign in the Provençal kitchens. The recipes included in this cookbook will provide you a taste of the cuisine of Provence - a cuisine known for simpler techniques and reliance on good seasonal food and cooking with a wide array of savory herbs.

Sample Recipe - Tapenade Appetizer

Tea Time with the Madison Herb Society cookbook

Tea Time with the Madison Herb Society Cookbook (very limited supply)
A 120-page cookbook focusing on the art and enjoyment of tea! You'll learn the history of tea, as well as how to make a proper "cuppa tea" - from black tea to green, oolong, and white teas. Delight in the tasty herbal recipes, including suggestions for a Christmas Tea, a Garden Party, a Northwoods Tea, a Bridal Tea, a Valentine Tea, and a Victorian Tea. The recipe selections include teas, tisanes and beverages; tea sandwiches; scones, tea breads and muffins; sweet and savory tarts; and cakes and cookies.

Sample Recipe - Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Lavender In Your Kitchen and Throughout Your Home

Lavender In Your Kitchen and Throughout
Your Home Cookbook

A 76-page booklet with an article on lavender, its history, sources and how to grow it, and directions for ways to use lavender from appetizers, soups and desserts to bath salts and cleaning solutions.

Sample Recipe - Lavender Balsamic Vinaigrette

Allium cookbook Cover

Edible Alliums
Edible Alliums include garlic, chives, onions, leeks, ramps, and shallots. Various alliums have been cultivated since the earliest times and are universally important as vegetables, flavorings and medicinal plants. This 52-page cookbooklet has in-depth information about onions, garlic, and chives.

Sample Recipe - Potato Leek Soup

Lemon Herbs cookbook Cover

Luscious Lemon-Scented Herbs
This 68-page cookbook discusses many of the popular lemon-scented herbs, including: Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, Lemongrass, Lemon Monarda, Lemon Thyme, Lemon-Scented Geraniums, Lemon Mint, Lemon Savory, Sorrel, and Marigold "Lemon Gem". Lemon herbs are often used for tea and potpourri. These fragrant lemon-scented herbs add zest to sweet and savory dishes such as breads or muffins; fish and poultry; fruits; salads and dressings; marinades; beverages; and desserts.

Sample Recipe - Lemon Feta Chicken with Orzo Pasta

Rosemary cookbook Cover

Rosemary For Remembrance –
Cooking with and Other Uses for Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is native to the Medirerranean region, where it grows wild as a small tree. For centuries, Rosemary has been used as a symbol of friendship, love, loyalty, and remembrance. This 52-page cookbook with teach you how to grow and use Rosemary in all recipe categories, as well as in a bath soak.

Sample Recipe - Cornmeal Rosemary Cookies

Oregano Marjoram Cookbook Cover

Oregano and Marjoram –
Two Versitile Herbs to Keep in Your Kitchen

This 52-page cookbook will introduce you to some delicious recipes to enhance your herbal culinary skills, and take you through the basics of growing and using Oregano and Marjoram. In Medieval times, Marjoram was often used as a strewing herb, or to rub on wooden furniture to clean it and give it a spicy scent.

Sample Recipe - Black Bean Soup

Discover Dill Cover

Discover Dill
A 36-page cookbook focusing on dill – from growing, to harvesting, to eating, and more! Did you know Dill is a member of the carrot family? Dill is always good with fish, especially salmon, or with sour cream, white vinegar, and salt as a dressing for sliced cucumbers.

Sample Recipe - German Potato Salad with Bacon and Vinegar Dressing

Thyme Cookbook Cover

It's About Thyme
A 40-page cookbook focusing on Thyme. There are over 400 varieties of Thyme. thymes are diminutive perennial herbs that grow either upright as small, erect shrubs, or low as creeping mats.

Sample Recipe - Baked Thyme Vegetables

Anise Flavored Herbs Cookbook Cover

Delight in the World of Anise-Flavored Herbs Recipe Collection
A 40-page cookbooklet focusing on the culinary uses of Anise, Anise Hyssop, Fennel, Chervil, French Tarragon, Sweet Cicely, and Licorice. Try our Anise Raisin Scones with sweet, creamy butter, or Devon Cream.

Sample Recipe - Anise Raisin Scones